Towel Warmer: The Bath Accessory You Didn’t Know

A towel warmer could be the difference between a “just okay” and the ultimate bathroom experience. Continue reading to learn more reasons why you should get a heated towel rack.

Towel warmers, AKA heated towel rail, heated towel rack, or drying rail are an incredible appliance. Depending on your home and shower habits, there are many ways you can benefit from a towel warmer.

Most houses have a shower or tub. If you have an empty wall in your bathroom, it would be great to install a towel warmer.

Having a towel warmer in your bathroom will give the luxury and comfort of toasty warm towels after every bath or shower. Warming towels up can also get rid of the musty or moldy scent we all, unfortunately, know from using damp towels.

Additionally, they can also function as a source of additional heat especially when dealing with cold tiles.

Although primarily used in the bathroom, towel warmers are also a great addition to laundry rooms, mudrooms, or sunrooms leading out to a pool.

You can also use a towel warmer to dry delicates instead of a dryer. They work well for drying wet shoes, too. Just hang them on a robe hook.

Towel warmers can also reduce water consumption and laundry load since you won’t need to wash your towels as frequently.

If you have a mudroom, drying wet coats and gloves on a heated towel rack during snowy and rainy days can be really convenient.

If, on the other hand, you have a pool at home, how great would it be to have your wet towels and bathing suits drying quickly on a nearby towel warmer? Gone will be the days of carrying wet, heavy garments back inside the house to the laundry room.

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