How to use black radiators in your home

With a new year upon us, the fervour to discover the very latest home heating trends and ideas is re-ignited at BestHeating (like it ever dwindled anyway?!)

And as it so happens, one obvious heating style, despite being far from bright in its aesthetic, is glaring at us like the shiniest beacon you ever did see.

Indeed, black radiators are all the rage for 2022, and with the versatile shade exuding effortless class and a designer aura to perk up any area of the home, it is little wonder that they’re such a hot (pun intended) item for would-be interior upgraders.

Ideal for modern and traditional settings alike, a black radiator can blend in with moody décor, or provide a perfect contrast to light and airy spaces. And there’s tonnes of beautiful black radiator designs to select from, too.

In this article, as well as touching on the practicality and appearance virtues that black designer radiators exude, we’ll explore the very best ways to make use of the sought-after heating solution in a property.

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